You are fair of face A form full off grace Wedding bells chime True love divine! You have far to go A life of woe But your wishes come true Happily for you!



As blue as a ocean, As cold as a icicle, Far away from the equator, A deep pool of tears. Crossing the streets, Watching the children, Look in misery, Faces cold with fear, We only live once and their fortune has gone. When i'm feeling blue and you're not here, I feel my pulse rise,…


I visit the place where we last met. Cold,wet and dark, It feels strange without you. I wish you were here! When you was here: The sun was out, The sky was blue, Everything was the same. I wish you was still here. You're absence has made everything feel different, Everything has changed! You're gone!


She walked along the corridors, Pacing each floorboard with care, She didn't step on a single crack, But no one knew she was there. She edged around the wooden fence Tapping on each pole in turn, She counted each one attentively. But she still had a lot to learn. She tried to do maths magic,…

You and me.

You lift your voice, and i lift mine, Two bright ribbon intertwine. I hear the pulse, I feel the beat, We sing as one, We are complete. Duets are not for one, but two, And no one else for me but you.


When we're together, My pulse races, And i love to visit our favourite places. Higher and higher, We soar as one. Nothing on earth will stop our fun.

If your stressed

If your stressed: take a deep breath and count to ten. think about a place you would like to visit. distract yourself by doing a hobby you enjoy. talk to someone. write it down. take a break.