Tower of terror

You enter the tower completely ignoring the KEEP OUT sign.A dim light flickers in the cobwebby halls,then suddenly,the front door slams shut!Dust blows up and makes you sneeze..and a little girl’s voice says,”bless you”.

“Who’s there?” you scream and run towards the kitchen.

You start to explore the crumbling kitchen and find the table set for tea!There’s a glass of milk and a half-eaten sandwich on a plate.Then you hear a chair scraping back,footsteps and a key turning in the lock,but there’s no one to be seen!

It’s late now and you find yourself in a room with a plumptious bed.Ooh,the luxury!Then you spot a note on the pillow saying,”you MUST NOT look out the window between bedtime and dawn!”What will happen if you do?Can you resist?You decide not to.

You go to the next room.You’re reading by the fire in the cosy library then suddenly;the temperature drops  and it’s freezing!All at once a misty old book falls with a thud-eek!The pages fly open and you can’t believe what you see inside.Dead bodies and skeletons!Eyes stare at you as you go out of the room.

Walking along the corridor,you find a secret door leading you to a ballroom.A chandelier sparkles and you start to imagine it full of people at a ball,long dresses swirling as they dance to the music.Then you realize the room really is full of dancers,you’re dressed just like them and you can’t find you’re way out!

You push gently past the dancers and see a small dark door.It’s locked!You feel a hand touch your shoulder and turn around-no one seemed to be there.Then you hear something fall.It was a key!You sneak out of the room and go upstairs.

You dare to go into the attic desperate to see what’s inside.It’s full of dusty boxes and toys,but a large,sheet- covered object catches your eye.You slowly peel away the sheet to reveal-gasp-a painting that looks exactly like you.You open the dusty box and tear away the paper the hear a voice.It says,”You will never escape the tower now!”You turn around and see the photo was talking.You scream.You run and you hide.

You’re in a windowless room with a small mattress on the floor.You fall asleep.Still,you hear the voices in your head.You run to the bathroom.

You hear running water and step inside.The rusty taps are on filling the old-fashioned tub-but who turned them on?It wasn’t you!When you look into the steamy mirror,you see the face of a Victorian maid stare back at you…you run out of the room,down the creaky stairs and out of the door.

Out of breath,you pant and say to yourself,”i’m never going there again”.Someone from inside the tower hears you and says”we’ll see about that”.

You run quickly away from the tower and get lost.You’re stranded,lost and isolated.The tower was a nightmare that you’ll never forget!

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