write a 300-400 word speech about something you feel passionate about.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a famous best selling author?With thousands and thousands of books being sold all over the world and some of those being sold you can sign.Just the thought of teaching children to read and letting them learn from someone famous inspires me.About 99% of authors travel the world and teach the poorer countries or go into schools to give a speech.It’s amazing!Absolutely amazing!

However,it takes years of experience,hard work and training to become an author…to make a success.Authors don’t become famous straight away.They face many rejections and re-writes before a book is even published,before their words are understood,before they become successful!

You may think books are absolutely rubbish but you’re wrong.Books are one way to learn and understand difficult topics.Books are a way that many authors express their feelings,thoughts and beliefs that they find too difficult to speak.Books can help you to rewind,de-stress and relax after a long day of work.What would i do without books?A book is a key to your journey of success.

J.K.Rowlings is a best-selling famous author that has been a real inspiration to me.She brings characters to life with her strong imagination and the magical way she crafts her stories.I enjoyed all her books and hope to write like her in the future.

From a really young girl starting school i have always enjoyed English and had dreams of becoming an best selling author.I don’t just want to write books though.I want to educate children who are less fortunate than me and give speeches in schools and travel the world around me.It will be an experience that i’ll never forget.I really don’t know what i would do without books.I would be lost,stressed and would struggle to calm down because books have helped me forget about being stressed and everything around me and to relax.It’s a dream that i have always wished for.

From fiction to fact, stories to poetry, a million different genres or topics to choose from there will never be a book you’re not interested in so why don’t you pick one up and read a chapter each day.