It was a cold,dark winters night and the ground was covered with a blanket of white crystals of snow.I walked  through the misty woods and heard a small voice cry,”help!”.

I asked “who’s there?”but there was no reply.I felt the coldness pour down my tiny back.I continued through the mist and saw a cottage door.It was rusty and old.

I hesitate.Then slowly move towards the door.Then stop.And listen.There is not a single noise coming from the kitchen.I turn the rusty door handle and step inside.A sad,quiet cry begged for company and help.I follow the sound of the cries to this dark,small corridor.I turn on my torch and see a small door.It was locked.My heart beat with fear.What if i’m caught?The cries got louder and louder and louder.Someone must be trapped in this secret room.But who?And why?

Footsteps tiptoe up the long,creaky staircase and…I hide myself in the darkness of the corridor and try to be as quiet as possible.Someone moves towards me .I feel as small and scared as a rabbit being chased by a fox.A flash of a torch shines towards me and a figure moves confidently towards me.

As the light gets closer to me and i see a dark,terrifying face stare at me with a look of loathing and hatred.A human face!It steps towards me and pulls out a knife.A sharp,torturing knife which the figure pointed at my shaking,petrified body.I screamed.All of a sudden a black cloth covered my eyes and i was dragged into a room.Was it the secret room i couldn’t get into?I don’t know but all i know is i’m now a prisoner.Just like the other poor thing i heard cry.I fall asleep.

I wake up and hear the same cry and walk around the cold,strange room.I open a small cupboard and…I gasp!There was a tiny,little toddler lying there shivering.I take off my jacket and wrap the poor thing inside to keep it warm.It looked up at me and smiled.I gave it a hug then went over to the window.I stared through the window at the cottage garden and saw a big truck and two men talking.One of them looks like the one who trapped me.What are they up to?I try and think of a way to free myself and the little toddler.

A bottle falls out of my pocket and i remember what my friends said to do if i ever got trapped.Use invisible ink!So i get out my paper out and a pen and write a note.I then carefully open the window and throw the note onto the grass.Hopefully they find it!

In Sweet Meadows Way,Jade had just finished her letters for Christmas and looked at her shiny,silver watch.It was nearly 12pm and her best friend,Destiny,still hasn’t arrived at her house.What could of happened?Jade says to her mom,”I’m just going for a walk and i’ll be back by 4pm”.

“Ok,see you soon,”her mom replies,”and don’t go to far”.

Jade walks along the cold,isolated street and in the distance saw a misty,old cottage.She continued to walk along the path and sneaks through the garden to the door.Then she sees a piece of paper and uses a torch to check for invisible ink.She sees a note from her friend and rushes inside the cottage.A faint,sad cry could be heard.Trying hard not to make a sound she climbs up the stairs to a secret room.The cry gets louder and she hears someone talking to somebody.Is that my friend?She wonders.She turns on her torch and sees a tiny key on the floor.She turns the lock and sees her friend holding a tiny toddler.They both hug and run down the stairs.The toddler cries with hunger.I get a box of chocolate from the kitchen side and and go out of the cottage door.

We see the men who trapped me and phone the police.They said they were trying to find those men for weeks as they have already kidnapped over 50 children.We went home with the little toddler and i told my mom.She said she would look after the little toddler and we felt proud to have solved the mystery and we go up to my room to think of what we will solve next.


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