Witch Life-Destiny’s life as a Witch!


A bang,a flash and a scream.A young mom,Lucy was trying her hardest to protect her daughter from the most dangerous wizard known,Master Pilescu.Pilescu stepped over Paul’s rotting body and aimed his wand at the little baby.Lucy yelled,”Please,no,don’t hurt her,hurt me instead”but Pilescu laughed and ignored her.Then with a flash of light,Pilescu shouted”Patricula Talismaye”,the killing curse which no one has ever survived.Lucy fell to the cold,dark ground and died.Destiny,her daughter,however had survived the deadly attack.Pilescu vanished into the night.

Otto zoomed to the graveyard on Sirus’s motorbike and picked up Destiny who he carried to the Weatherwood’s house and placed by the door.

Chapter one:The start of it all.

The Weatherwood family were Destiny’s only living relations she had left.Aunt Susan was Lucy’s sister.Uncle Mike and Cousin Daisy were Susan’s daughter and husband.

They all hated Lucy and her family for having magic and disliked Destiny because she was Lucy’s daughter.

She didn’t even have a proper room-Just an old,dusty cupboard under the stairs.She felt lonely but tried not to complain as Mike loves finding excuses to shout at her.She was tall and thin unlike Daisy who was overweight and short.She didn’t even get brought new clothes and was given all of Daisy’s old clothes.They were baggy and cold.

She was in her room reading when Mike called,”Destiny,come now”.She ignored it.He shouted,”Get here right now”.She moved out of her room and said,”Yeah,what’s wrong?”

“We’re going out.And you’re coming with us.”She followed them to the car and sat quietly looking out the smeared glass.

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The chime

Ive always heard it, the chime. Ever since I was little I heard it. My dad said it was my imagination but I thaught it was my mom in heaven checking up on me so everytime I headed it I’d tell her I loved her and I’m beingl a good girl.

I never knew how she died. My daddy told me she just did and no one knew why but I knew he was hiding sonothing so one day I sneaked into his office trying to find out what he was hiding but there was nothing. I heard footsteps but they wernt coming from in the room and they wernt coming from outside the room, it was comming through the walls. I thaught I was going crazy but then I heard the chime again and I shouted from the top of my lungs like I do everyday and…

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