The Story of Pilescu

The orphanage:Chapter 1

The building looked old and dark from the outside with a garden of over grown plants.The windows were pitch black.It felt as spooky as a graveyard.

It was like being in a completely new building when you stepped inside.It was full of colourful pictures,bright walls and neatly stacked books on the shelves.

The staff were really kind to the children and the children hardly ever squabbled and didn’t disobey rules.There was one boy though that was stranger than all the rest.

The strange boy:Chapter 2

He was a slender and tall boy with baby blue eyes.He was said to be strange from a baby when he never cried unlike other newborns.Then as he gradually got older there was a question of what he was.He could hurt the other children without touching them.He could trap animals without being near them.And he stole the most unusual of things like:trophies,silver watches,lockets and medals.There was the cave incident a week ago when he said he was taking two children out to play with him.They walked to this dark,old cave where he asked them to go onto the boat and they never came back to the orphanage.Some people believed he drowned but there was questions of other ways he did it.But how?

Chapter 3:Miss Cackle’s visit to the orphanage

“Hello, I’m Miss Willows the receptionist at the orphanage. How can I help you?”

“I’m here to see one of your children, Pilescu. I arranged to meet him last week. I’m Miss Cackle.”

“Ok,I’ll just go and get him”, Miss Willows replied.

Miss Cackle walked around the room looking at all the pictures whilst waiting for Pilescu to arrive.

“Listen Pilescu, Miss Cackle is here to speak to you so please listen to her”.

“Why?” Pilescu asked.

“It’s important! “Miss Willows replied.

Miss Willows left the room to go back to her office, singing cheerfully to her self as she walked.

“What do you want? Did Miss Willows sent you here to check me out?”

“No.I’m Miss Cackle, the head teacher from Bayside School of Magic.”

“Magic? Pilescu said excitedly.

“Yes. I’m a witch. You have magic too. You’re a wizard.”

“Really?” he said, “Show me then!”

“Not yet, You’ll see if you go to the school but you’ll need to put back everything you stole back in it’s place.”

Pilescu took all the things he stole and gave them back to the other children.

“Right then. Stealing is not tolerated at the school so if you are wanting to go to there promise you won’t steal.”

“I promise. How will I get there? And where do I get all  the things?”

“I can help you. And  you use the ticket to get to Melbourne Station and I can take you to Trafalgar Square to get your equipment.”

“I’ll get there by myself and thank you!”

“Well, take this then, You’ll need it to buy your equipment and books.”

Miss Cackle gives Pilescu some money and the ticket.

“Thank you, Miss Cackle.”

“I guess, I’ll see you in September then. Bye for now!”

Chapter Four:Pilescu’s first year at Bayside school of magic.

It was the first day at Bayside School and Pilescu was standing with the other first years waiting  to be sorted into their house.

There was four houses;Potions,Broomsticks,Cauldron and Wand. Miss Cackle  placed the ancient sorting hat  onto the chair.

2Ok,first years, You are going  to be sorted into your houses then we’ll all have dinner.

Pilescu waited for ages and ages started to get really irritated.

Then the sorting hat said ”Pilescu”.

He placed on the hat and waited. The sorting thought about it then said, “Potions”.

Pilescu was put into the house that was clever and great at the dark arts.

The first years all laughed and shouted excitedly.

“Calm down. I know you’re all excited but it is getting too loud.Ok,tuck into your meals.” Miss cackle then sat down.

Pilescu then went to his dormitory and unpacked his bags. He then went  to his teachers to see if they needed any help.

A few weeks later he had been given loads of homework. He completed it in three days then helped his house complete their homework. Miss Cackle couldn’t tell what was so bad about him. All the teachers said he was a helpful boy who was always doing all his lessons which seemed strange as he  was different at  the orphanage.

After over half a year being at the school Pilescu found that he preferred it being there to being at the orphanage.

It was nearly the end of the year and the house match for flying was coming up soon.

The houses were all practising hard. Through all weathers including  rain to try and win the house cup.

As a seeker, Pilescu was training hard to try and defeat his opponents.

He was a fast, determined flyer and was very competitive in matches.

He lost the match but supported the winning team. An end of an year but he was dreading going back to the orphanage for the summer.

Chapter five: A few years later!

After a long ,hot, exhausting summer, Pilescu was glad to be back at Bayside school. It was now his fifth year at the school and he was determined to become prefect so continued to be hard-working and helpful. He watched as the new students excitedly ran through the entrance to the Great Hall where they were sorted into their houses. He then guided them to the correct tables where there house sat so they could enjoy their meal.Laughter,whispering and excitement filled the room as everyone was eating their dinner.

Pilescu left the noisy room and went to unpack his bags and prepare his revision books for his lessons. He was starting his exam year and soon would be helping choose players for his house team to practise for the start of year match. He had a new teacher for Dark Arts this year, Professor Sybil Wolf and wanted to make a good impression on it and help as much as he could. He went with his friend Opal Storm to go and collect his timetable before heading off to lesson.
“Pilescu, you are taking Dark Arts,Potions,Spellcraft, History and Magical creatures ,aren’t you? “Miss Cackle asked
“Yes, but I also am doing Prophecies this year. Pilescu replied.
“Ok,here’s your timetable and don’t forget you have your first exam on the 15th October and first match on the 28th September. I hope you enjoy your first day back! “Miss cackle said.
“Thank you! I have brought the revision books for this year and have already started revising. I have been helping Opal as well.”
“You’re so kind. Good luck and I best leave you before your late! If they ask anything just let your teacher know that you was speaking to me.”
“Ok,see you later! Pilescu replied as he walked through the busy corridor and into his classroom.

A few weeks later Pilescu had received an letter through Owl Post  that told him he has now prefect. He was so happy as he always wanted to be prefect. He went of to see how he could help his house before lessons all started.There was loads of first year students in the room rushing to complete their essays he decided to go and support them.


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