Witch Diaries.The life of students at Bayside School of Magic!

Chapter one:Destiny

It feels strange being in the magical world when everyone already knows me.I’m in my first year at Bayside School of Magic and i’m already getting loads of homework.

My dark arts lessons with Mr Morris are great.I love being in Otto’s magical creature lessons as he really understands me but i hate being in my Spells and Potions lesson with Professor Cauldron.He constantly tells me off for no reason and he hates me just because he was enemies with my dad,Paul.It’s silly really because i am good at making potions and casting spells and he acts like i’m rubbish at everything.

Chapter two:Eliza

Professor Cauldron’s lessons are so interesting.He always tells Destiny off and it’s funny to watch.I hate that half-giant Otto who is always helping Destiny and praising her while telling me off.I wonder why anyone even likes Destiny.

Chapter three:Destiny

I snuck out last night to Willow Woods which forbidden to go to.Otto was there so i helped him to finish watering the plants then sat with him to have tea and cakes.I have Spells and Potions tomorrow and i haven’t done my essay yet.

Chapter four:Millie

Two weeks till my mock exams.I’m very nervous.I have been revising every day in the library but i haven’t been sleeping due to the fear of failure.Destiny has been trying to support me and encourage me but i am really scared.It doesn’t help that Eliza keeps on trying to make me feel self conscious about myself.

Chapter five:Eliza

Silly,little Millie is getting all worked up about exams.Why?If you know it then why revise.It’s stupid really.I’m not doing revision.I don’t need school anyway because as soon as i’m sixteen i’m helping Pilescu and his team fight.Dark arts lessons are silly as well, i already know it from my father,Pilescu’s friend.

Chapter six:Destiny

I had detention yesterday for not completing homework.It wasn’t my fault though i was trying to prepare for exams and get my team ready for the flying match.I was then cheering my friend Millie up who was panicing about her upcoming exams.

Chapter seven:Millie

I got back my results today and i done better than i thought.

Dark arts-P


Magical Creatures-A

Ancient Runes-A

Cultural Study-E

Potions and Spells-A

I only failed Dark Arts.

Chapter eight:Destiny

The end of a long year.My team won the match against Eliza’s team.Lol!

I passed my exams.

Dark Arts-O

Spells and Potions-A


Magical Creatures-A



Magic Spelling-A

I wonder what will happen next year.Ready for a long summer to start.


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