Exam Worries,Exam Stress!

In a strange world.It feels like i’m dreaming,it’s just really strange. No one understands.It’s hard to explain.They just see my happy and don’t seem to know that i am upset inside-just because i’m smiling to be polite.It feels like i’m getting weaker and weaker every day.I find it hard to sleep.It’s hard to let out how i feel so it’s just trapped inside a book in me-i get scared people will judge for how i feel or laugh if i cried.It is difficult to cope with the constant fear of failure or nightmares of failing the exams.I’m stressed.I’m worried.There’s just too much on my mind.I try not to cry.I try to be strong but on the inside i’m weak.Why is this happening to me?Why?It is like i’m trapped inside my own feelings trying to find a route to escape.


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