Geography speech!

Globalization affects us.Have you realized just how much workers are suffering from the dangerous working conditions and extreme long hours?It’s horrible!We go into work not knowing if the building will collapse.Recently,a woman has fainted at work from being overtired and hungry.Over 50,000 workers have been sent to emergency services each year for injuries.Don’t this make you care!Don’t this make you realize how much globalization has affected us.These big TNC’s coming in has increased the working poor and economic inequalities of many Asian countries.It seems that you don’t care how much we’re suffering because you earn so much money from us.Something needs to be done.Someone needs to listen.NOW!Before it’s too late.These injuries may turn into deaths before someone listens.Haven’t you even realized just how much carbon dioxide is being put into the atmosphere and our water systems from the big company’s operating in our country.It affects our health.Many workers end up suffering with askema or lung diseases or have diseases from drinking contaminated water.Don’t you want to save our people or even future generations from suffering like we have.If you do then you have got to listen and do something.


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