Sometimes life may get you down,

And you have gotta keep trying.

Even when you want to stop,

Remember not to give up.

I know some things may be tough,

It isn’t easy,

But you have got to get through it.

You may not always be up for it,

But you take the challenge

And try your best,

As you know it will

Work out in the end.

There are times when you

Question yourself,

Especially when you feel in doubt,

But you take the risk

No matter what.

There are some things you do,

That you’ll regret

But remember everyone makes mistakes,

No one is perfect.

Sometimes you put too much pressure

On yourself,

And blame yourself for things

That go wrong,

But deep down you know

That nothing is your fault.

There are times when

You question why you’re living,

But you have your dreams,

Your hopes and aspirations,

So you have to stay strong

To follow your career

And never give up.


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