equality and diversity poem!

It doesn’t matter if

Your black, white, Asian

Or mixed race,

It’s your personality

That counts.

It doesn’t matter

Whether you’re disabled

Or not,

We are all equal.

It doesn’t matter if

You’re lesbian, straight,

Or even gay,

Love is love

No matter who

You have a

Relationship with.

We may look different,

But we are similar

In many ways,

With all the things

We like,

And interests we have.

Without diversity

Where would the

Culture be?

We are all equal,

We are all unique,

We should all be


And given the same


Think of all the

Different music,

Foods and art

And ask yourself,

Where would this be

If there wasn’t

Human diversity?

And next time

You want to judge

Think about how

It will affect others

And respect

Everyone you see.


  1. quibblesandscribbles · January 31, 2019

    Very lovely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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