equality and diversity speech!

It doesn’t matter what race, religion or ethnic background you’re from, everyone deserves to have the same opportunity to succeed. No one should be treated differently for being different. It doesn’t matter whether you’re disabled or not because we should be treated equal and not judged for having something wrong with you. We should respect each other for who we are and not what we choose to believe in.Many people are discriminated against for their race, religion, disability or even gender. It isn’t right. We should be supporting each other not upsetting each other. We may have different interests but there is somethings we are all good at. We should be proud to be different, it is what makes us unique.

Have you ever been discriminated against? Or felt scared of being judged for who you are? Or isolated from the rest of the class for being different? It’s horrid! Everyone should be given the same chance to do things or go to places without the fear of being treated like a foreigner. Have you ever been stopped from having the job because of your race or gender? Told “Sorry, you’re not right for the job!” while you watch someone else get the job. No one deserves to put up with this. Yes, we are different but we are different in a good way-Wouldn’t it be a boring society if we were all the same. Respect the fact you have someone with different hobbies or interests to talk to and encourage them to do well. It would be a much happier place to live in if no one judged people for what they like, do or believe in and just learnt to accept everyone for who we actually are.


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