Where i get my inspiration!

Many things and people give me inspiration including books i read and things i see around me!


Zoella Sugg(known as Zoella online) has been a huge inspiration to me.I love reading her blogs online and articles in magazines and watching her you tube channels as they are always full of encouragement and she is really motivating.There are times when i just want to give up and i’m struggling with my anxiety but Zoella’s words gave me hope and encouraged me to stay strong.

Zoella Sugg is an author,you-tuber and blogger.


J.k.Rowling has also been a big inspiration to my writing and reading her books has gave me confidence to keep writing myself.

J.K.Rowling is the author of Harry Potter.


Emma Cooper an author who came into the college inspired me as she showed how you can be a successful author as long as your determined and work-hard.She also gave me advice on writer’s block and how to get rid of it,which helped me to complete my book

Image result for songs of us emma cooper
Emma Cooper is the author of Songs of Us!


English professionals from universities encouraged me to keep on writing after workshops i did with them.

And the places i go to and things i draw…

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