For the highs and lows

and moments between,

mountains and valleys,

and rivers and streams,

For where you are now

And where you will go,

For i’ve always known

And i told you so

for nothing is happening,

and all has gone wrong,

it is here in this journey

You’ll learn to be strong

You’ll get where you’re going,

landing where you belong.


Tonight is one of those nights.You know what i’m talking about.You close the door behind you and numbly lock it shut.You stare at your hands for long minutes before finally breaking.You gasp for breath,silently sobbing about everything that went wrong all at once.Everything that is wrong with you and the world and everything you just can’t deal with.Then you deal with it the only way you know about.you take deep,exhausted,shuddering breaths as you quietly cry yourself to sleep.The next morning you wake up huddled in the corner of your bed with a sore neck and a pounding headache.So you get out of bed like any other morning…

I’m Sorry…



I haven’t been

Feeling well

And i’m sorry if

I don’t smile as much

And i’m sorry if

My words hurt a bit more

I’m sorry if

You don’t like how i do things


I’m sorry if

Instead of hurting myself

The way i used to

I am hurting you instead

It’s hard to scream

Without my voice

Now i can’t cry for help

Now i have to wait

For someone to see me trying

I’m sorry!