Your skin isn’t paper….

don’t cut it.

Your face isn’t a mask…

don’t cover it.

Your life isn’t a film…

don’t end it.

You are beautiful!

The strongest

people are not

those who show

strenght in front

of us,but those who

win battles

we know nothing about.



ever since you went away

the days go by slowly,

and the hardest thing to cope with

is never knowing why.

that i don’t understand

and maybe never will,

questions left unanswered

now your voice is stilled.

to lose you is unbearable

and time and time again,

i’ve tried to look for reasons

that no one can explain.

life and death holds mysteries

but one thing is for sure,

i loved you then,and i love you now,

and will forever more…..

I miss you!

A poem for my sister,Sienna(9/03/19)

how can i tell my heart

that you have gone away

i want to make things right

but i don’t now what to say

i am lonely and sad

i cannot believe that you have gone

but others tell me to get over it

they say i must move on

but they don’t know how i feel

they would not know where to start

one minute i was happy

then my world was ripped apart

yes i need to mourn

and to do it in my own way

to listen to my heart

and not what others say

yes there will be dark times

yes i will be sad

it will hurt me for a while

when i remember what we had

but time will heal my heart

time will ease the sorrow

it may not be today

it may not be tommorrow

yes there will be tears

i may scream and shout

i can’t lock the pain away

i have to let it out

true friends will stick by me

others may walk away

true friends will hold my hand

and listen to what i have to say

it’s my right to mourn

and learn to deal with grief

it’s not what you see on the outside

but how i feel underneath.


There will

be very painful

moments in your life,

That will change your entire

world in a matter of minutes.

These moments will change you.

let them make you stronger,

smarter,and kinder.But don’t

you go and become someone that

your not.cry.scream if you

have to.then you straighten

out that crown and

keep moving.