Stay Strong….?

Top Ten Quotes Of The Day

Some days are better,

Some days are worse.

Look out for the blessing,

Instead of the curse.

Be positive,stay strong,

And get enough rest.

You can’t do it all,

But you can do your best!

Keep going….

No matter how bad things are right now…..

No matter how stuck you feel….

No matter how many days you have spent crying….

No matter how many days you have spent wishing

Things were different….

No matter how hopeless and depressed you feel.

I promise you won’t feel like this forever….

Keep going,stay strong!

Let them judge you.

Let them misunderstand you.

Let them gossip about you.

Their opinions aren’t your problem.

You stay kind,committed to love

And free in your authenticity.

No matter what they do or say,don’t

You doubt your worth or beauty of your truth.

Keep shining like you always do.

Never quit.

If you stumble get back up.

What happened yesterday

No longer matters.

Today’s another day,

So get back on track and

Move closer to your

Dreams and goals.

You can do it!

Always remember…

You are braver

Than you believe….

Stronger than

You feel…..

Smarter than

You think….

Loved more than

You know….!

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