I miss you dad…!

For a moment I was getting better. For a moment I was feeling good. For a moment I wanted to live. For a moment I had hope again. And in a moment, I lost it all. Again.
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Because a heart knows love, a very important part if us, bc and you can't compromise with something that doesn't understand how too,

Why did fate have to be so cruel as to take me from you….You meant the world to me and it is heartache that i can’t see you.I loved your encouraging words and warm hugs….oh…dad i miss you so,so so much.But…I want to tell you that no matter where you are i’ll always love you.I miss you more than words can say.

Talk 2 me more often please😢😞 u barely talk 2 me...what changed in one week? Did your love 4 me changed?? Now that we re far i see i love u more i could ever thought....i really do...

If only i knew that when i said bye to you it was going to be the last time i was going to see you….and i would of hugged tighter and told you how much i love you…..


Could you come back and

Stay a while,

I want to hear your voice,

And see you smile,

I want to hold you tight,

And never let go,

And tell you how much

I love you so!

I find myself

Watching for you….

It breaks my heart

Over and over

When i realise

Your aren’t coming back…!

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