Summer Vibes….!

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Start of something new….!

And then it happens….

One day you wake up and you’re

In this place.You’re in this place

Where everything feels right.

You’re heart is calm.You’re soul is

Lit.Your thoughts are positive.

Your visions are clear.You’re at

Peace,at peace with what

You’ve been,at peace with what

You’ve been through and at peace

With where you’re headed.

Need support with dyslexia….?

Well here’s a blog on tips,and symptons of dyslexia and ways to cope…

What is Dyslexia? Signs Of Dyslexia, Cope with Dyslexia.

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if only u stayed…..!

Everyone thinks i’m strong,

But tears were falling from my eyes

on the day u left me and said goodbye

now i know my feelings

i should no longer hide

i love you and i want you to

stay by my side

you know without you i’m weak

because you’re the only strenght that i seek

that i seek

so please…don’t go,i’m being so bold

just by saying i need your hand to hold

don’t leave me like this

so broken,so torn,so cold.

so as i write this

you’re somewhere so far away

a place i can only reach

by loving you this way.

Hard times…!

I wish i could cry,i wish i could scream,

And vent and thrash,instead i sit quietly,

While you tell me,I’m selfish and wrong,

I wish you could see,

All the horrid thoughts i have.

I wish you could hear,

All the horrible things i say in my head.

I wish you could hear the lectures

I drill in my own mind.

If you could,you would know,

You don’t need to lecture me

I do enough of that for ten proffessors

And twelve priests.

If you could see and hear,

Maybe you could understand

Why i always look angry or sad.

Its because even on my good days.

I am sad.angry.confused.guilty.

How did this happen to me?

Why do i feel this way?

I wish you could hear.see.feel.

Then,you might actually understand.

Some.a little.someday.


I’m broken

And unspoken.

Want to cry,

Sometimes die.

But then i think

Strong you have to be,

Put a happy face on.

And must go on

Don’t let nobody know.

That your slowly gone.

Is going to be hard

Trust nobody with your heart,

With your feelings,you trust

They will let you down

Just because.