i’m depressed right now

Sometimes i just wish i didn’t have to be strong …and say i’m fine…sometimes i just wish someone would look me in the eyes and tell me that it’s OK not to be strong all the time.

When i’m fighting to hold back tears but i just wanna cry,but sometimes you just have to hold back tears,pretend to be OK and just keep getting up everyday like nothings wrong even though deep down your just longing to tell someone about your feelings.I wish i was a little girl again so when i am upset i could get away with crying in my mums arms and not be told i’m a baby.

You only know half my story….

I may smile but you never notice the pain in my eyes….

I may talk to be polite but you don’t hear me mentally whispering for help…

I may look ok because i get up everyday but deep down i just don’t wanna be here…

You may sometimes see my tears but u never know why…

You don’t understand unless u know my past…

As tears stroll down my face i just wanna die…

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