letter to nana

nana,i know you wont get this but i want you to know that i love you,and i miss you so much.ive always been a nannys girl so the fact i cant contact you breaks my heart.i miss the times you’d sit by my bed,holding me close until i fell asleep,i miss our midnight feasts we had together,i miss the shopping trips we had,i just miss everything about you,from your warm heart,comforting hugs to your beautiful smile,nana i miss you.

breaking apart

Behind my smile is

A breaking heart,

Behind my laugh

I’m falling apart,

Behind my eyes

Are tears at

Night,behind my

Body is a soul

Trying to fight.

Grief is like

Living two lives.

One is where you

Pretend that

Everything is

alright,and the

Other is where

Your heart

Silently screams

In pain.