Don’t judge me if you don’t understand,
Don’t play with my feelings,
You know I’m easily emotional and weak,
Don’t come and go-
my mental health isn’t a reason to leave

I thought you would stay,
you promised you’d never
Leave my side,
But now you’ve gone away,
And I’m left in the darkness
Of my thoughts,
To cry alone,

I thought you understood
clearly you are deceiving,
You make me feel so special
Then make me vulnerable as
You shout in my face ,

I wiped your tears when
You cried,
I gave you my love
When you were alone
I did everything
But you still left…

I came running
At your smallest calls
But if I need you
You don’t come at all
I forfeit sleep
To make sure you’re okay
But you won’t make
Time for me any day
We talk when you want
Then I’m ignored
I’m left wondering
If you just got bored
You push me away
Knowing I’ll reappear
But one of these days
I just won’t be here

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