I know my anxiety may annoy you but imagine being the one with it

i hate getting flashbacks from things i do not want to remember

im sorry i was not good enough but i tried to be

im sorry i have trust issues but when you give someone everything and they toss it away like nothing something inside of you breaks

isnt it sad when you get hurt so much you can finally say im used to it


Acceptance is the hardest part of recovery process of trauma.abuse is never the victims fault.your not alone either ,there are many people including myself who have gone through trauma from childhood abuse.remember it takes time and every one recovers at different stages but there are people out there who care.many people build up emotional barriers and gain trust issue s and it is common that they will blame themselves for what happened. it’s no your fault it’s the abusers fault.I fought years of being too scared to tell anyone but when I finally told someone even though it was difficult and scary it was a lot of weight of my shoulders and chest and I finally started to get the support.please though if you or anyone you know is being abused please tell someone like the police ,you deserve to be supported.😭thank you😭😭💔


Don’t judge me if you don’t understand,
Don’t play with my feelings,
You know I’m easily emotional and weak,
Don’t come and go-
my mental health isn’t a reason to leave

I thought you would stay,
you promised you’d never
Leave my side,
But now you’ve gone away,
And I’m left in the darkness
Of my thoughts,
To cry alone,

I thought you understood
clearly you are deceiving,
You make me feel so special
Then make me vulnerable as
You shout in my face ,

I wiped your tears when
You cried,
I gave you my love
When you were alone
I did everything
But you still left…

I came running
At your smallest calls
But if I need you
You don’t come at all
I forfeit sleep
To make sure you’re okay
But you won’t make
Time for me any day
We talk when you want
Then I’m ignored
I’m left wondering
If you just got bored
You push me away
Knowing I’ll reappear
But one of these days
I just won’t be here

letter to nana

nana,i know you wont get this but i want you to know that i love you,and i miss you so much.ive always been a nannys girl so the fact i cant contact you breaks my heart.i miss the times you’d sit by my bed,holding me close until i fell asleep,i miss our midnight feasts we had together,i miss the shopping trips we had,i just miss everything about you,from your warm heart,comforting hugs to your beautiful smile,nana i miss you.

breaking apart

Behind my smile is

A breaking heart,

Behind my laugh

I’m falling apart,

Behind my eyes

Are tears at

Night,behind my

Body is a soul

Trying to fight.

Grief is like

Living two lives.

One is where you

Pretend that

Everything is

alright,and the

Other is where

Your heart

Silently screams

In pain.

enjoy life whilst u can

live life like there’s no tommorrow

sing as if no one can hear

dance as if no one is watching

laugh like no one is listening

smile like you’ve

never cried

fight like

you’ve lost

love like you’ve

never been


and live like

there’s no


in loving memory i miss you always brother

my heart has been left broken

since the day you had to go

and the memories i treasure dearly

are in the tears that still flow

you’re in my thoughts everyday

and thats how it will always be

for you may be up in heaven

but you’ll always be with me

if only i could have the chance

to see your face once more

or to hear your voice one final time

just like it was before

the day that heaven calls me

will be a relief from all the pain

i’ll run to you with open arms

and we’ll meet again