Eating disorders!

Eating disorders An eating disorder is when you have an unhealthy attitude to food, which can take over your life and make you ill. It can involve eating too much or too little, or becoming obsessed with your weight and body shape. But there are treatments that can help, and you can recover from an…



Grief can make us seem very selfish Focusing only on the people we lost Ignoring our loved ones around us Not aware of the hurt and loss. We miss events,parties and get togethers We stare blank at people when they speak Life totally feels dark and bleak. It isn't that we don't care It isn't…

Forever sadness…!

Don't confuse my sadness For some sort of weakness I have to be strong to make Sense of what is senseless And to fight everyday to carry The pain of loss which is endless.

The other side of grief…!

There is another side of grief Where the tears still flow Not as much. Where memories bring smiles, Not just sadness. Where blessings are recognised, Not just struggles. Where you are remembered, Not just mourned. I miss you Sienna.

I want you home…!

Oh Sienna,i want you home I need you here now I can't bear living without you Send me a sigh some how What ever am i going to do I need to know you're okay Please,where are you? I miss you every day I want to hold you I need you by my side I…

Gifts for Earth’s atmosphere.

By sea,by land,by air they come bearing gifts to Earth's atmosphere. Nitrogen and Oxygen were most generous with their own gases. And Argon and Carbon dioxide also took pride in giving themselves. And water brought vapour and crystals of ice, and the ocean thought a bouquet of salt would be nice, And the flowers not…


Call me x-ray. X-ray will do. i can see through you. whether you skin be black,white, yellow or blue. An inside view is what i get. That's a fact mate. I offer you your skeleton on a photographic plate.

One family

if i am made of atoms and molecules, and you are made of atoms and molecules, and all the world is made of atoms and molecules, does this mean the human race belongs to one family of atoms and molecules? then why aren't we as together as tadpoles in a pool? they never teach you…


when sunlight dances on the tips of leaves and plants for joy open their lips to drink it in and the breeze makes a violin of every tree and even weeds one by one cry out for a kiss of light and carbon dioxide a sheer spree of green is that all they mean?